Chris Bruppacher

Chris Bruppacher

Chris Bruppacher co-founded Vyoma Partner AG in 2018.

Prior to Vyoma, Chris Bruppacher spent a career within UBS Investment Bank, in Zurich and in London, in various business leadership roles, including Swiss and European head of Clearing & Execution Services, global head of Equity and Commodity Execution, Electronic Execution, European co-head of Financing Services, and Chairman of UBS Clearing & Execution Services Ltd London.

Chris Bruppacher served as UBS’ representative on the European FIA Board (Futures Industry Association) and has been member of lobbying groups for FIA, ISDA and UBS vis-à-vis politics and regulators in Switzerland, in the UK and the EU.

Chris also managed and led UBS’ European clearing infrastructure, the related client relationships and his teams through the industry crisis in 2008 and the subsequent regulatory change programs.

Chris graduated from Swiss Finance Institute’s Executive and Advanced Executive Programs, and completed programs such as leadership, coaching, non-executive functions, and platform strategies.

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